Volunteer on Campus

"The highest reward for a person’s work is not what they get for it,

but what they become because of it."

– John Ruskin

Shalom Park is a vibrant neighborhood designed to fulfill the cultural, religious, intellectual, social, and physical needs of our residents.

We offer a wide variety of flexible volunteer opportunities for families or individuals ages 13 and up. Alongside our stimulating educational programming, therapeutic recreation events include casino nights, music therapy, pet therapy, cooking demonstrations, book clubs, themed luncheons, outings, shopping trips or you are welcome to simply enjoy a conversation with the residents. Clerical help is encouraged. Match your interests to a volunteer opportunity at Shalom Park today. Flexible volunteer times available on request.

Or perhaps you and a group of friends or associates would like to facilitate an activity, such as a dance, movie and popcorn night, an arts and crafts activity, or a casino party, to name a few.

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in volunteering! Please complete a Shalom Park Volunteer Application. Volunteers 18 and older please fill out the Background Information also. We will then contact you to schedule an interview.

If you have further questions, or would like a copy of our volunteer calendar, please contact Jody Neumann at
jody.neumann@shalomcares.net or 303-680-5000.